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Suzhou Thomas product advantages of brushless motor is introduced

by:Hoprio     2020-07-25
Suzhou Thomas brushless motor product advantages introduced
1, the series of brushless motor has the advantages of novel appearance modelling design, simple structure, excellent performance, easy operation control, low malfunction, easy maintenance.
2, transmission system adopts panasonic AC servo motor, accurate positioning.
3, using precise tension controller, to provide accurate stable tension control, make the working process of the products more perfect. ,
4, this machine is a casting machine more good rigidity, high precision, stable and reliable.
5, skeleton of brushless motor winding terminal vertical, horizontal direction arbitrary array coil; Nozzle can be set at 0, 90, and can complete a variety of angles.
6, Thomas brushless motor is suitable for such as household appliances, electric tools, ship model aircraft, electric motor, water pump motor, the curtain motor, and so on.
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