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South Korea deployed 'sade' effect on the motor controller industry

by:Hoprio     2020-07-17

I believe everyone know this period of time a very popular international events, and is closely related to our China, is the United States to start deployment in South Korea thad anti-missile system. On Feb. 27, lotte group, the board decided to to deploy sade by. Yonhap news agency reported that if the two sides formally signed, will soon start to design and construction, in 5 - 7 months to complete thad deployment. Upon the completion of thad can cover 60% of China, including the whole of eastern China, able to monitor all aircraft, within the scope of also can launch a surface-to-air and surface-to-surface missiles, to China's security and military deployment is a great danger. So now, in China the spontaneity of a wide range of boycott Korean folk activities, a boycott of lotte supermarket, resistance to travel to South Korea and so on. Sade system deployment, then, will be what influence on the motor controller industry? First thad in establish, has broken the existing military balance in the world, cause a new round of arms race, thad influence of neighboring countries, including China, Russia will against thad forces to deploy an sade, the increase of arms manufacturing is a new challenge for the industrial, military industrial manufacturing missiles, including missile parts, must use a lot of machine tools, automated machinery, crane and so on, these are from the power source part of the motor controller, a large number of three-phase asynchronous motor controller, servo motor controller, stepper motor controller and a variety of reducer believe there will be huge demand, this undoubtedly for motor controller industry is a new development opportunity. Although said thad to deploy this time cause the change of the situation to the motor controller industry bring a new round of development opportunities, but the peace of the world is you prefer to see, hope the world can always peace, the harmonious development of the common people worldwide!
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