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Slow cooked this machine/water brushless dc motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-08-06
Nanometer vacuum slow cooking machine, English name is SOUS Vide, also called slow cooking machine, boiling water or boiled beef, is commonly used in Europe and the family of a smart cooking equipment. Because people increasingly busy life status and science and technology bring convenience, can use the phone APP intelligent control slow cooking machine more and more popular, market heat is about to enter a peak. Motor controller is a great pleasure for me to contact since three years ago and the product has a deep research, development and production for type of brushless dc motor controller. We can provide standard general specifications of the brushless dc motor controller, also welcome custom-made personalized brushless dc motor controller scheme, meet the different requirements of customers to slow cooking machine products.

here is already mass production of two different specifications of the brushless dc motor controller, dedicated to nanometer vacuum slow cooking machine products.

Model models

Voltage Voltage ( V)

No Load no-load

Rated Load Rated Load

Starting Starting

Operating Range


Speed ( rpm)

电流( A)

Torque ( mNm)

速度( rpm)

电流( A)

P输出。 ( W)

Torque ( mNm)

电流( A)


5- 16



0. 10

6. 87


0. 46

3. 41


2. 5


8 - 26



0. 09



0. 46

3. 17


2. 5

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