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Simple analysis of the performance of the dc motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-08-02
Dc motor controller is applied in many fields, such as large steel rolling equipment, large precision machine tools such as strict linear velocity is consistent. It can be widely used, mainly thanks to its performance advantages. Below small make up to introduce the performance of the dc motor controller. 1. Good speed regulating performance, refers to under certain load conditions, to artificially change the speed according to need. Dc motor controller can under the condition of heavy load, uniform and smooth, stepless speed regulation, and the speed range is wide. 2. Starting torque, refers to the uniform and the economy to realize speed regulation, can under the heavy load starting or require uniform speed mechanical adjustment. 3. In speed control, dc motor controller compared to other motor controller less energy consumption, long service life. The above is about the performance of the dc motor controller, hope to help you.
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