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Several methods of dc motor controller improve working efficiency

by:Hoprio     2020-07-26
Dc motor controller with direct current (dc) energy and mechanical energy transformation ability, can be used in all walks of life. So how to improve the working efficiency of the equipment? To introduce the below small make up to you. 1. On the basis of the voltage and the load, by reducing each slot number of turns, and increase the wire diameter or round number, and thus improve the work efficiency. 2. If there is a brush motor controller, can through the change of copper commutator to carbon commutator, to improve the work efficiency. 3. If is brushless motor controller, which can be made from higher performance of permanent magnet rotor, is to improve the work efficiency. 4. To master elements of a dc motor controller circuit conduction loss and coil resistance loss of control, which would improve the work efficiency. These are several methods to improve the efficiency of dc motor controller, hope for your help.
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