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Pump motor controller with high speed brushless motor controller B3040M officially released!

by:Hoprio     2020-08-08
B3040M is our newly launched a dedicated to pump products of brushless motor, can be applied to all kinds of water pump, air pump, such as the diaphragm pump pump products. 30 mm outside diameter, the fuselage length 40 mm, maximum diameter of axle 3 mm, the current common performance for DC12V and DC24V, with corresponding internal drive.

the motor controller B3040M under DC12V voltage performance curve of typical specifications, please refer to.

the DC24V motor controller B3040M voltage under the performance curve of typical specifications, please refer to.

other brushless motor controller is the same with our company, this pump with the performance parameters of the brushless motor can also be customized according to the requirements. Provide the corresponding load performance, and the shaft requirements, we will provide the corresponding shape size and performance curve to the customer for confirmation.

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