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Original Taiwan import TROY supply special brushless dc motor drives

by:Hoprio     2020-07-24
Original Taiwan import TROY for brushless dc motor drives the supply, the company accumulated a good precision control technology, servo precision can achieve industry the highest under 750 w, imported servo the cheapest price can do. High cost performance, apply to replace yaskawa, panasonic, mitsubishi servo motor, etc. Taiwan's price, buy the quality of Japan.

the teco servo motor: JSDAP general-purpose servo drive

product specifications: 220 v level, apply to motor capacity: 200 w ~ 11 kw

product certification: conform to UL, cUL, CE certification

Taiwan TROY product features:

1, models complete, JSDA servo motor servo driver is tie-in JSMA 200 w ~ 3 kw, use 2500/8192 PPR incremental encoder, excellent

2, functional diversity, torque, speed, position, point-to-point positioning and mixed mode switching function, can match different control system, make the most of the application group

3, main circuit/control circuit power separation

4, built-in brakes crystal

5, gain adjustment is simple: built-in rigid table ten levels, and ON - 线/关- Line automatic gain adjustment

6, Notch Filter: effectively restrain the mechanical resonance, provide control system stability

7, PI speed loop ( PI) Control and P ( Ratio) Control switch, suppress Overshoot and Undershoot phenomenon when the motor deceleration

8, built in the 16th position location setting instruction, free planning point-to-point positioning control

9, instruction smooth function, under the mode of position and velocity can make smooth parameter adjustment time, prolong mechanical life

10, humanized operation interface, real-time display state and fault information

11, multiple functions can be arbitrary planning to lose the I/O contact

12, perfecting the protection mechanism of variety of abnormal alarm

- 13, PC operating software TECO SERVO traditional/simplified Chinese/English language version, through RS - 232 interface, read and write parameters, gain adjustment, state representation and graphic simulation digital oscilloscope for internal signal monitoring

JSDAP universal teco servo motor servo drive main types are: JSMA - SC04ABK01 / JSDAP - 20A,JSMA- LC08ABK01 / JSDAP - 20A,JSMA- TC08ABK02/JSDAP- 30A,JSMA- MB10ABK01 / JSDAP - 30A,JSMA- MA10ABK01 / JSDAP - 30,JSMA— MB15ABK01 / JSDAP - 50 a3, JSMA— MB20ABK01 / JSDAP - 50 a3, JSMA— MB30ABK01 / JSDAP - 75 a3, JSMA - MH44ABK01 / JSDAP - 100A3,JSMA- MH45ABK01 / JSDAP - 100A3,JSMA- MH55ABK01 / JSDAP - 150 a3, JSMA - MH56ABK01 / JSDAP - 150 a3, JSMA - MH75ABK01 / JSDAP - 200 a3, JSMA - MH110ABK01 / JSDAP - 300 a3

the teco servo motor drives the attached brake of the main types are: JSMA - SC04ABKB01 / JSDAP - 20A,JSMA- LC08ABKB01 / JSDAP - 20A,JSMA- MB10ABKB01 / JSDAP - 30A,JSMA- MB15ABKB01 / JSDAP - 50A3,JSMA- MB20ABKB01 / JSDAP - 50A3,JSMA- MB30ABKB01 / JSDAP - 75年a3
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