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New products will be there with brushless motor controller at shunde household appliance exposition

by:Hoprio     2020-08-06
The team is in shunde prepare tomorrow to carry out the things, the exhibition will appear with a new outlook, a new design of marketing the display box, hang a picture and new production of brushless motor controller sample, is the embodiment of the enterprise spirit, welcome everybody to visit. The booth no. : 5, 5 e43.

of course, the exhibition, to also carry some new product. Such as a refrigerator condenser specialized brushless fan, refrigerator dedicated cooling fan brushless motor controller, vehicle and use desktop air purifier ultra-quiet brushless motor controller, and tubular fan dedicated exterior rotor brushless motor controller, etc. At the same time of constantly enrich the product series, can also develop some special brushless synchronous motor controller, easy to cooperate with major customers, unified specification as well as to reduce the cost, to provide customers with cost-effective, simple and easy to use the brushless motor controller.
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