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Motor products feature is?

by:Hoprio     2020-07-25
Suzhou Thomas automation machinery co. , LTD. Is a taiwan-funded motor is the general agent in mainland China, professional sales motor, under the interception of company product manager according to the characteristics of product introduction, give you list.
the motor characteristics, low temperature rise, the motor work efficiency, save electricity save energy. DC brushless motor works in normal circumstances, to achieve full machine can't more than 50 degrees Celsius temperature, also greatly improve the output efficiency, average conversion efficiency can reach eighty percent to eighty-five percent.
characteristics in compared with general motors, we know the motor rarely have the condition of the same at high or low speed torque, this is also our motor is honoured by the consumer recognition of an important factor that we have only the best products to win more customers.
features three, motor in the process of production, consider for the customer, for customers, colleagues in reduced volume, save installation space, the quality of the product still so to force ~
the speciality, TROY motor with functions of tracing compensation, in the case of rated load speed rate of change is in the plus or minus 1 RPM/min
the last and most important, the motor with high response, low vibration, enables the motor operation process to keep the general stability of the product.
simple introduce you to my company agent general situation of the motor, hope I can for you to choose the products of our company have a good understanding of process.
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