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Motor controller training trip to fill their carts

by:Hoprio     2020-08-08
After three days and two nights of intense training, staff successfully completed the training.
as the three lecturers are respectively, guo hong, Li Changxin, Liao Jiong teacher. Three lecturers from free to paid promotion, aspects and so on to clinch a deal finally has carried on the detailed. Through this training we learned that the power of the web is infinite. Through this training, let's learn to network marketing methods and how to effectively communicate with customers and promote clinch a deal. The training with rich content of powerpoint presentations, and group discussion interactive, which made us relaxed and lively atmosphere, namely to acquire knowledge and promote the communication, communication ability, improve the team cooperation.
management is serious love, training is one of the biggest benefits. Employees are gained in the training graduation certificate, on his return, will be the most effective method for network popularization and service customers.

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