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Motor controller production safety to mobilize the learning conference

by:Hoprio     2020-08-06
In response to the municipal government called on, improve employee safety consciousness, motor controller, organize meetings, popularize reminded daily security hidden danger, strengthening ego to protect consciousness, guarantee the safety in production, a happy life.

the motor controller specified production safety supervision team, composed of process design, and manufacture workers quality department as the leading factor, mutual supervision; Source from the production process, the actual operation process and final acceptance of three security controls. Regular inspection of the circuit performance of the equipment, zone safe-keeping of dangerous chemicals, limited for purchase and distribution, as far as possible to ensure safety in production. Some commonly used production machinery and equipment, dangerous chemicals and electricity safety knowledge is often overlooked, cause an accident. To organize employee learning and will be incorporated into the daily early content, for each is responsible for the safety of the employees.

security during not only refers to the production safety work, after work also includes the safety of traffic safety and accommodation. Obey the traffic rules, it is the duty of every citizen, is responsible for himself and his family life.
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