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Motor controller manufacturers to share three main purposes of the brushless dc motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-16

the motor controller manufacturers share the brushless dc motor controller of three kinds of main use: brushless dc motor controller is generally applied to all kinds of mechanical drive, automation equipment, various machinery and equipment for motor controller have different load requirements, such as the following application domain using brushless dc motor controller. A continuous load application: mainly needs certain speed but for speed accuracy is not high, such as the kind of applications such as fan, water pump, blower, lower cost and more this kind of application for the open loop control. : mainly used two, variable load speed need to change within a certain range of application, speed and dynamic response time characteristic of motor controller has a higher demand. Such as home appliances, dryer and compressor is a very good example of oil pump in the field of automotive industry control, electric controller, engine control, etc. , this kind of application system cost is relatively higher. Three positioning applications: most of the industrial control and automatic control applications fall into this category, such applications tend to complete energy transmission, so the dynamic response of speed and torque have special requirements, taller also to the requirement of the controller. Speed may be used when the photoelectric and synchronous equipment. Process control and mechanical control, and transport control, many of them belong to this type of application. Positioning applications, however, usually need to control the motor controller with encoder accuracy or the positioning device. Similarly, stepping motor controller is also a good choice in positioning applications. Foshan motor controller supply brushless dc motor controller, stepper motor controller, dc servo motor controller and other mechanical and electrical products, welcome to choose and buy, the hotline 15118744777 Pan Gong, url WWW. tcmotor。 com
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