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Motor controller manufacturer introduces the selection principle of brushless motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-20

brand brushless motor controller with high torque and low noise, long life and other characteristics are widely used in the new energy vehicles, medical equipment, industrial automation equipment and other industries. Brushless motor controller has a lot of different specifications and types, such as optical axis brushless motor controller, with planetary gear reducer brushless motor controller, or match the brushless motor controller worm gear and worm reducer, 86 series, 110 series and so on. So, how to select the brushless motor controller, can meet the equipment performance requirements? This is very important. Below is the motor controller company to introduce the principles of the selection of the brushless motor controller. 1, the controller of brushless motor on the specifications to make a choice in the case of power supply voltage is adjustable, can choose according to the actual need, rotational speed and torque you numerical close to the motor controller design of equipment specifications, by changing the voltage to get the required speed; In the power supply voltage is fixed, if there is no appropriate brushless motor controller to choose, can according to the first equipment needed much torque motor controller to select the appropriate specifications, and equipment between the voltage and speed can make appropriate adjustments. 2, the brushless motor controller on the power to choose the most high-power brushless motor controller output is limited, if choose a small power brushless dc motor controller, the load exceeds the rated power output motor controller overload occurs, the overload occurs fever, vibration motor controller, speed dropped, sound abnormal phenomena, such as serious overload, will burn motor controller. While power is too big, can cause economic waste. So the rational selection of power brushless motor controller is very important. 3, on the type of brushless motor controller to choose appropriate priority to choose high efficiency, cheap price, low temperature of ferrite permanent magnet brushless dc motor controller. Only when strict in performance, small volume and high ambient temperature when consider to choose aluminum nickel and cobalt permanent magnet brushless dc motor controller or rare earth permanent magnet dc motor controller. Foshan electrical and mechanical equipment co. , LTD is specialized in the r&d and production of 6 big series brushless dc motor controller, in power, rotational speed and torque brushless motor controller with a range of optional, from the smallest to the largest 10 w, 3000 w, from the lowest speed 1500 RPM to the 20000 turn, from the lowest torque 0. 6 nm to maximum of 6. 8NM( Torque of the motor controller, with reducer ratio after torsion faster growth) ,42毫米,57毫米,60毫米,8毫米,90毫米,110毫米。 For the brushless motor controller selection principle in doubt friend, can communicate with brushless motor controller factory technician Kong Gong, tel: (13326768788)
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