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Motor controller is north exhibition

by:Hoprio     2020-08-04
Has recently been broadcast motor controller exhibition information, because the motor controller involving industry widely, such as household appliances, business equipment, health care products, electric tools, etc. , so the relevant exhibition also is more, it also means great opportunities of motor controller. This announces the exhibition information is as follows:

will be on April 9 - motor controller 11, China international exhibition center in Beijing, China ( New] Take part in the China refrigeration exhibition, booth no. : E4B39 number. Founded in 1987, & quot; International refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, ventilation and frozen food processing exhibition & quot; ( Hereinafter referred to as & quot; China refrigeration exhibition & quot; ) Is the refrigeration and air conditioning in the world, one of the largest professional exhibition in hvac industry. The exhibition through international exhibition organizers association ( UFI) And the U. S. department of commerce ( 我们FCS) Two international certification, has become the world's leading air conditioning refrigeration exhibition, is the largest professional exhibition in Asia.

along with our country & quot; The eighteenth big & quot; Refrigeration exhibition of victory, following the era of the pulse, promoting green energy-saving and environmental protection concept. ” China refrigeration exhibition & quot; Committed to sustainable development, as the world's leading exhibition of social responsibility. Motor controller as a part of the social responsibility of Chinese enterprises, response & other; Throughout the eighteenth big &; So it is urgent to call. Also welcome customers to come to booth do products consultation!
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