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Motor controller in the fall of 2014 Hong Kong electronics fair warning

by:Hoprio     2020-08-06
The Hong Kong electronics fair (autumn 2014 - on October 13 16, held in the Hong Kong convention and exhibition center, motor controller have been identified. The motor controller will appear in the electronic accessories area 5 pavilion, booth number is 5 e - E33, welcome the masses of friends and customers to understand the brushless motor controller products related applications and development trends. Have a friend need an invitation letter for the exhibitors or in the Hong Kong trade development council's official website registration in advance, you can get free entry.

the exhibition main products: brushless motor controller series
a: refrigerators brushless cooling fan
is dedicated to the refrigerator condenser, with three-phase brushless motor, low voltage dc more energy efficient, the use of ultra low noise to create quiet and comfortable environment. 2:
series air purifier
the brushless motor controller series is divided into two units: one is used in small power brushless motor controller of air purifier, such as desktop air purifier, purifier, car air purifier, purification of bedroom the head of a bed area of small aircraft, portable, use the low voltage dc power supply; Second, large purifier, multi-purpose and sitting room, conference room, office, etc, it is more convenient to high voltage dc or ac power supply.

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