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Motor controller electronics business opportunities in Hong Kong

by:Hoprio     2020-08-05
2014 Hong Kong spring electronics show main display product categories are: audio products; Electronic components and technology; Digital imaging products; Electronic accessories; Personal electronic products; Household appliances; Electronic game products; Electronic health products; Office automation and equipment; Commercial and trade services; Security products; Telecom products; Electronic manufacturing; Automotive electronics and navigation system; Testing and certification services; Electronic products protect/storage equipment; Auto parts; Beauty salon beauty products; The key components products; Smart phones and tablet computer accessories; Environmental protection and energy saving products.

in addition to the reception to visit consulting clients, motor controller and is also a chance to have business between the exhibitors, because most of the products can be used the brushless motor controller for the motor. The show, we and some personal electronic products, household appliances, office automation and equipment, automotive electronics and other exhibitors have do brushless motor controller is applied to various types of communication and communication products. Household electrical appliance industry, for example, the air purifier can choose B4235M, B3657M and other types of brushless motor controller, and office automation equipment, we worked as a printer application B6020S exterior rotor brushless motor controller, hairdressing body class intelligent electric hair curler dedicated B2418M brushless motor controller is our best-selling products.

the motor controller and communication between electronic exhibitors, lay a good foundation for later cooperation development.
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