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Mechanical and electrical energy efficient brushless motor controller, led manufacturing to meet gold period of motor controller equipment market

by:Hoprio     2020-07-20

as countries actively promote energy conservation and emission reduction policies and subsidy policy of gradually implement high efficiency and energy saving motor controller, high efficiency and energy saving brushless motor controller is enjoying explosive growth. Countries also have launched a series of preferential policies for efficient brushless motor controller, for related enterprises has brought the good development opportunity, wide prospect of market. Many manufacturing enterprises are actively adjust the business structure, meet the golden period of motor controller equipment market. Mechanical and also is the production of various industries for brushless dc motor controller, foshan electrical and mechanical equipment co. , LTD. , with the German company strategic cooperation, is a global market oriented, brushless motor controller, development, manufacturing, selling, automatic optimization scheme, technical services for the integration of enterprises, with advanced standardization of permanent magnet brushless dc motor controller production workshop, sophisticated production equipment, advanced production technology, complete testing means and strong technical force, product has passed the ISO9001 - 2015 quality management system certification. Mechanical and electrical company's core products include brushless motor controller ( Gear motor brushless dc brushless motor controller, the controller) , precision planetary reducer ( Planetary reducer, planetary reduction brushless motor controller) , brushless dc servo motor controller and driver and other products, more than 200 kinds of specifications of the brushless motor controller can be widely used in petrochemical, power generation, mining, metallurgy, machinery, CNC machine tools, industrial robots, packing machines, carton machine, engraving machine, injection molding machine, air compressor, and general machinery automation control and new energy electric vehicles, cement, medicine, papermaking, rubber, plastic wire, and other industrial sectors and urban water supply, heating, sewage treatment, cold storage, central air conditioning, and other areas of the civilian, wide prospect of market. In the steel industry, for example, according to the statistics, annual production capacity of 10 million tons of iron and steel enterprise equipped with about 350000 kw to 550000 kw of inefficient motor controller, consumes the electricity of billions of dollars. As the future national industrial policy, energy conservation and emission reduction policy forced the implementation, there will be a huge number of low voltage, high efficient motor controller are replaced with high efficiency and energy saving brushless motor controller, for the efficient application of rare earth permanent magnet brushless dc motor controller bring huge market space. Mechanical and electrical company since its inception, adhering to the strategy of sustainable development and grow together with customers, to develop more advanced and efficient brushless motor controller. Next, foshan electrical and mechanical equipment co. , LTD. On the one hand will through the establishment of perfect sales channels, strengthening quality management, improve the technological process, the comprehensive promotion of various types of efficient brushless dc motor controller. In terms of technological process, the company will continue to adopt advanced process and equipment, to realize the automatic and semi-automatic production production, assembly process and finished goods process using industrial robot and intelligent manufacturing technology, and greatly increased the production efficiency, increase the output capacity. Continuous increasing spending on research and development, on the other hand, research and development with proprietary USES brushless motor controller.
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