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Maintenance on dc motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-08-01
For production equipment we need to conduct regular inspection and maintenance, this is because in the process of using improper operation as well as the inevitable natural disasters cause equipment use. Below small make up said the dc motor controller maintenance method. 1. First, check appearance of dc motor controller, such as chassis, end cover, shaft cover any fracture; Shaft head if there is damage hair; Whether the fasteners are in short supply. 2. Second, will have a dust removal processing parts apart and after concentration, and if there is shortage or damaged need to handle in time. 3. In addition, in the brush holder is disassembled, connecting line mark. 4. Next, main, commutating pole removal of stator, record and keep it well. 5. Inspect the end cover, shaft cover, fan and so on, look to whether complete, with and without cracks, lack of Angle, etc. , if there is change in time. Above is related to the maintenance method of dc motor controller, you can look at.
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