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Maintain the normal operation of dc motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-27
As is known to all, in the use of machinery and equipment, fire prevention measures to ensure the normal running of it. So what fire prevention measures should be taken for dc motor controller? 1. Ensure no clutter around it. Controller and start the motor to keep proper distance with combustible material, in order to prevent fire. 2. Its start time and intervals should follow the rules, in order to avoid the accumulation in the stator winding, starting as less as possible. 3. In the process of operation, to ensure that its current and voltage does not exceed the allowed range, and the normal operation of the cooling system. 4. When there is no phase operation dc motor controller, to cut off power supply in time, lest it overheating in no phase operation is on fire. Above is fire prevention measures of dc motor controller, you know.
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