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Japanese customers visit negotiate brushless motor controller application project

by:Hoprio     2020-08-06
Japanese customers in May 2014, a total of 4 people to visit Mr Yasutak together with colleagues. Mr Yasurak was President of a Japanese motor controller, a subsidiary of listed companies, the company mainly involves both lighting and motor industry. The to, mainly discuss what OEM brushless motor controller. The company every year there are a lot of motor controller program, itself has a research and development ability, hope to find a product in China, quality assured, supply capacity and stable long-term cooperation partners, to become the partner of the company.

the customer 4 projects, the specific application: pump, printers, rotating screen and small purifier, including two projects have been proofing, sample test in good condition. The main discussion is the rotation of the screen the brushless motor controller application problems, the project selection B4260M brushless motor controller, need to bring hall, with a speed reducer. The main problem is the need to configure a high-voltage dc external drive and matching the power adapter. High voltage brushless dc drives is that we are developing a project, just match the needs of customers, to a certain extent, reduce the development cycle of the whole project. As a brushless dc motor controller of research and development and production enterprises, in research and development investment is very large. Because we know that only by constantly developing new products, improve the performance of existing products, to better meet the needs of market and customers, creating your own a piece of the sky.

in addition to the project, customer also looked at the production workshop and production operation process. Japanese customers is noted for its rigorous, this time our factory inspection is not one hundred percent customer satisfaction, there are some problems, such as product parts not neat accompanying officials also record one by one, to supervise the late, do allow customers fully satisfied.
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