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Intelligent innovation motor controller 'think tank' leap

by:Hoprio     2020-08-04
In recent years, the global manufacturing are to the robot, the digital factory, the transformation and upgrading of Internet of things the factory, a live rely on cheap Labour manufacturing mode will no longer exist, China manufacturing has slowly turned in the direction of the development of China's smart.

the motor controller is also in constant research and development of intelligent and efficient brushless motor controller, in order to adapt to market competition intensifying, motor controller developed all kinds of brushless motor controller with high performance, high reliability, low noise, long life, superior EMC technology advantage, has a double shift, stepless frequency control of motor speed, position signal output, electronic brake, large current protection, temperature protection and other technical characteristics, and has the huge advantage of low cost, simple and easy to use. Brushless motor controller represents the micro-motor controller application and the trend of development, in line with the global energy conservation, environmental protection, low carbon policy guidance, is being global, adopted by most developed countries and regions, in particular, to replace the traditional high energy consumption of the motor controller.
the world has entered the era of rapid development, innovation and emerging industry to the Internet and emerging technologies to lead a new generation of industrial revolution and technology revolution has been on the rise, the progress of science and technology in every time affecting the human way of life, a new generation of advanced manufacturing technology will promote the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing.

the development of industry has experienced by the steam engine mechanical era, represented by electronic information technology in the electrical era, represented by computer digital era, the next era should call intelligent era. Intelligent manufacturing technology is the inevitable choice of the market, and also is the important embodiment of advanced productivity, smart motor controller innovation is to & other; Wisdom & throughout; The embodiment of the leap.
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