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Industrial 4 in 2015. Zero impact on motor controller industry

by:Hoprio     2020-08-07
4. 0 and 2025 wave of made in China is a big impact in China, many companies into intelligent robot research and development. At the end of the last month of the sixth China DianBo conference, experts point out that energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy, such as high-end equipment manufacturing is still future mechanical and electrical industry in the development of key areas, which is industrial 4. 0 emphasizes the content of the bright spot in the field of general consumer goods made in China to the continued in the field of high-precision, high-tech industrial products, to build China's high-end manufacturing. At the same time, the building of industry well-known brands and international brands are indispensable, only have certain popularity in the world, in order to better the development of the mechanical and electrical products made in China.

the motor controller industry as the main mechanical and electrical industry, in the high-end equipment manufacturing and played a major role in intelligent robot. These high precision industrial products to the precision of the motor controller and control functional requirements is more complex, more strict precision. Facing this situation, it is necessary to strengthen the width of the brushless motor controller performance and intensity, and strengthen and encoder, in order to satisfy the demands of high precision products related.

of course, in the face of the industry. Wave of 0, you business also need to be aware of their own advantages and short board, do not blindly follow suit intelligent robot industry. Each of the replacement of the industrial age, is the need to step by step, down-to-earth, to achieve sustainable development.
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