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Increase of brushless dc motor for the lawn mower controlling

by:Hoprio     2020-08-05
Lawn mower brushless dc motor in itself, the performance of control which have more advantages, for the lawn mower, nobody want to let oneself at the time of use, more convenient to operate, it is because of carbon brush, brush ac motor controller for control for it, often after power and electricity, there is a point.

is feeling the above table out very slow, but not for brushless motor that, when it is in use, can get a lot of flexibility, it is because it has no carbon brush, a thread through the drive shaft of the motor controller, so it is on the control more flexible, when electricity, it can instantly to go forward.

and in the first go, also won't appear the phenomenon of slammed a shot, a brush motor mower, the process of use, to begin with the most prone to this reaction, which was the biggest performance advantages of lawn mower brushless dc motor, it for start, stop, brake and so on signal and other signal from the control system can get a good catch.
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