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How to repair the dc motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-08-01
For dc motor controller, in order to improve the work efficiency, maintenance as one of the indispensable means. Below we explain about the maintenance of dc motor controller. 1. Appearance inspection: according to the appearance, such as chassis, end cover, shaft and so on need to check the presence of fracture; The spindle head for hair damage; Fasteners is lack. 2. Dust dust removal process, parts apart, and kept and focus, if there is shortage or damaged shall promptly replace new parts. 3. In the brush holder is disassembled, the connector is good, also mark the center of the brush holder. 4. Remove the stator, the commutating pole is Lord, to each pole on the number of gasket and gasket record and keep it well. 5. Inspect the end cover, shaft cover, fan, etc, to see whether complete, with and without cracks, lack of Angle, etc. Maintenance is introduced above is dc motor controller, you understand?
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