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How to maintain the commutator dc motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-28
The use of dc motor controller is becoming very common. Although the equipment performance is very good, but still need to maintain. For use in order to facilitate everyone, help more efficiently, the longer run, today's small make up the maintenance of equipment will be introduced commutator, hope to be of help. 1, clean the commutator surface, ensure clean. 2, to set up the dc motor controller of the motor controller load distribution of the production process, to ensure that the commutator surface has a good film. When found the commutator surface deterioration and spark is larger, should consider to stop, with fine sandpaper surface oxide film in reconstruction. 3, check whether the mica slot is clean, commutator edges should be smooth without burr. 4, in the case, to ensure the quality of the surface of the commutator also need in daily operation, careful observation and monitoring commutation spark. Noise, fire, or splash sparks is harmful. When the annular spark occurs, motor controller should not continue to run. Should take measures to repair it. The protection and maintenance of commutator dc motor controller, the article has carried on the detailed instructions, in the future operation and use, you need to pay attention to the key points of the operation, only to understand the knowledge of the equipment, protect and safeguard measures in place, they can better application equipment, make them give full play to their advantages, improve production efficiency.
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