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How to drive the brushless dc motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-08-08
Brushless dc motor controller, generally adopts L298N drive, generally two motor controller can drive at the same time, if afraid of not having enough to drive you can adopt two L298N. The internal principle is to use H bridge differential amplifier. L298N are products of the SGS company, internal logical drive circuit includes four channels. Is a kind of two and four phase motor controller for drive, which contains two H bridge both high voltage large current bridge driver, receiving standard TTL logic level signal, can drive motor controller under 46 v, 2 a. 1 foot and 15 feet can lead to connect alone current sampling resistor, a current sensor signals.
due to the motor controller in the normal work of the interference of power supply, using only a set of power supply will affect the normal work of the single chip microcomputer. So choose double power supply. A set of 5 v power supply to the single-chip microcomputer and power control circuit, the other 5 v9v power to L298N + VSS, + v power supply. In the control part and motor controller is separated with light coupling between the drive part, lest affect control part of the power supply quality.
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