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How to choose a vacuum cleaner brushless motor

by:Hoprio     2020-08-05
On market in the face of so many brushless motor manufacturers, has brought a vacuum cleaner manufacturers when the choice problem, so, the next small make up under the simple said to everyone about vacuum cleaner brushless motor skill method when the choose and buy, there is what?

in the first place, people in the choice when buying a vacuum cleaner, brushless motor, for its adsorption capacity can be strong enough. Look at the product manual about the size of its vacuum degree presented above, in general, the greater the vacuum degree of it, then its adsorption ability will be stronger, so it effect the use of the better. Second, the controller of the filtering material used for vacuum cleaner motor, the different filtration material, the effect after their use is not the same, in general, use the sponge filter, its use effect is the worst, and the use effect of HEPA filter material is best, which requires people when the choice to see clearly the above products by using the filter.

in addition, the vacuum cleaner manufacturer in choosing a brushless dc motor, the vacuum cleaner for some details still need good observation. See whether its structure is firm, about its rod should pay attention to the used materials and general, its stem the best is to use made of stainless steel products.
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