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How to calculate the power of brushless motor controller? Teach you motor controller factory

by:Hoprio     2020-07-16

how to calculate the power of the brushless motor controller? Motor controller factory teach you brushless motor controller because of its small volume, light weight, portable power, low voltage, low noise, long service life etc. These advantages to widely application in the field of automation equipment. But, for the brushless motor controller many new customers friends, often in the selection of time don't know how to calculate the power of the brushless motor controller, so don't know how high power demand with brushless motor controller. To this, the manufacturer of brand brushless motor controller is here to teach you how to calculate the power brushless motor controller. Understand the brushless motor controller and related parameter value won't feel complex brushless motor controller, power calculation of brushless motor controller is pat formula, whether brushless motor controller or other types of motor controller, motor controller, must will involve parameters have power, speed, torque, deserve to go up reducer, it also need to consider the reduction ratio. By motor controller power, torque and rotational speed of these parameter values, can according to the formula to calculate the needed parameters, such as power * 9. 8 nm/speed = torque, on the other hand, the speed/torque * 9. 8 = power motor controller. Compared to other kinds of motor controller, the use of the advantage of the brushless motor controller and the diversification of its mobility. Such as the classic model of three-phase asynchronous motor, three-phase asynchronous motor with different number, different number of the corresponding rotational speed is rated, such as 2, 2850, 4 1450 RPM, and rotational speed of the brushless motor controller can be customized, by minimum speed 1500 RPM, to a high of 8000 - can be customized 10000 RPM. But be aware that changes motor speed controller, according to the calculation formula of calculation of power or torque motor controller will change. Because it is a direct current type, can answer the mobile power supply or with PLC, 248 can communication protocol connection, remote connection to realize iot type control mode, which is very suitable current social science and technology, advanced development direction. In a word, using brushless dc motor controller products is very high cost performance of a mechanical and electrical equipment product choose to like.
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