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How the difference from the appearance of brushless dc motor controller with brushless dc motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-20

brushless dc motor controller with a brush motor controller with very similar in shape, shape, not distinguish carefully, is likely to go wrong. So, how to visually difference is the brushless dc motor controller or brush dc motor controller? Small make up teach you several recruit: the way one: look at the appearance, usually flat shape (brushless dc motor controller Small power also have round) And the length is greater than the diameter of brushless dc motor controller. Way 2: the wires of a motor controller, controller of brushless dc motor rotor on the don't need an external power supply, so there is no lead; Brushless dc motor and the controller is need and power, so there are two power cord, lead wire on the stator is don't see the difference. Three: to check the structure, open motor controller, see the carbon brush is a brush dc motor controller, otherwise is brushless dc motor controller. Pattern 4: check the nameplate, general manufacturers will be in the motor controller nameplate marking each parameter values, and brushless dc motor controller and a brushless dc motor controller said models are different, can be respectively from it. Such as brushless motor controller said BLD models beginning of letters, and brushless dc motor controller is DK have said. In addition to the above a few from the appearance on the difference between the two ways, we can also through some actual operation to further confirm the difference. For example: a: generating method of test, use pointer multimeter on dc motor controller the power cord, multimeter to adjust to low voltage, slowly rotating shaft motor controller with the hand, if the pointer still can speed up the rotation, the pointer is brushless dc motor controller, on the other hand is a brushless dc motor controller. 2: to observe the continuous working time, relative to the motor controller, the controller of brushless dc motor continuous working time will be longer, because of the brushless motor controller is not need to change the carbon brush, Controller of carbon brush and brush motor in use after a period of time will wear, need to change to normal use. So the two large difference in the continuous working time. But beware: the length of the continuous working time is not on behalf of the service life of the motor controller! Theory of continuous working time is long, life is not necessarily the motor controller is long! Whether brushless motor controller or a brush motor controller, the service life of it depends on the main components inside the motor controller is the weakest part of the normal use of time. For example, if the winding brushless motor controller manufacturing process quality, poor quality of materials, rough, so the first bad motor controller is brushless motor controller, rather than a brush motor controller. Therefore, in addition to know how to distinguish between brushless dc motor controller is still has a brush, also know how to choose the high quality of the motor controller. Controller can guarantee the high quality of motor has a longer service life. Can focus on high quality brushless dc motor controller, service hotline 13326768788 hole technology
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