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How many W high power dc motor controller is the biggest?

by:Hoprio     2020-07-20

as dc motor controller manufacturers, in the process of daily work, occasionally meet users asked how many W high power dc motor controller is the biggest? However, the mechanical and electrical manufacturers production of brushless dc motor controller is given priority to, so far, the maximum power brushless dc motor controller can achieve 3 kw, general specification is 10 w - 2 kw, 3 kw high-power brushless motor controller requires the user to order custom in advance. But often there are user feedback said how maximum power is 3 KW, and he needs a decade or two KW or even dozens of KW dc motor controller. This kind of situation is very necessary to explain the dc motor controller has the classification. First talk about the working principle of dc motor controller: for fixed inside a circular permanent magnet dc motor controller, ampere force on the rotor coil current, when the rotor coil and magnetic fields on the parallel, turn again by the magnetic field direction will change, so the rotor at the end of the brush to convert alternating contact, and the direction of the electric current on the coil is changing, the direction of the lorentz force is constant, so the motor controller can keep a direction. Dc motor controller according to the presence of other carbon I class, can be divided into a dc motor controller and the brushless dc motor controller, High power dc motor controller) 。 A dc motor controller and the brushless motor controller whether the difference between configuration have the brush - The commutator. A controller of brushless dc motor reversing has been through graphite brush and mounted on the rotor commutator ring in contact. While by hall sensor brushless dc motor controller put back the rotor position feedback control circuit, allow them to learn the exact time of the motor controller phase commutation. So, dc motor controller which can be a series of brush dc motor controller, can also be a series of brushless dc motor controller, if you have any brush is to ask how many W series dc motor controller is the biggest? It can be dozens of KW, and the series of high-power brushless dc motor controller is only about 3 KW maximum power. Mechanical and electrical is specialized in the production of high power brushless dc motor controller is series, because of the emerging high-tech fields in recent years, the demand for its big. People all know that 'made in China 2025', which develop the intelligent manufacturing engineering, strong industrial base, green manufacturing, engineering, high-end equipment innovation engineering without exception are to precision, high speed, high efficiency, environmental protection, low energy consumption, low noise high and new technology products needs. The brushless dc motor controller is composed of various kinds of automation, intelligent, industrial equipment, machinery manufacturing indispensable driving mechanism. Brushless dc motor controller is born under such high-end technology product demand, but also for those of high-end technology products and services. Compared to common dc motor controller, the benefits of brushless dc motor controller, motor controller without brush and commutator, eliminates the brush dc motor controller to generate sparks related disadvantage, therefore cleaner, less noise, no maintenance, longer life. So, for how many W high power dc motor controller is the biggest? We should clearly refers to a series of brush or brushless series dc motor controller. Mechanical and electrical maximum 3 kw dc motor controller, welcome to inquire, 13326768788.
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