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How do you determine the matching motor motor speed? — The brushless dc motor in the south of anhui website | brushless dc motor manufacturers

by:Hoprio     2020-12-09
How do you determine the matching motor motor speed? Brushless dc motor will be in the south of anhui, a matching for you how do you determine the brushless dc motor brushless dc motor speed, the rated speed of the motor choice, should according to the requirement of the drag production machinery and the ratio of transmission device. Motor revolutions per minute usually have 3000, 1500, 1000, 750 and 600, such as asynchronous motor rated speed due to slip, generally lower than the speed by 2% ~ 5%. From the motor manufacturing point of view, if the rated speed, the higher the same power of motor, the electromagnetic torque shape size is small, the cost is low and also light in weight, and the power factor and efficiency of the high speed brushless dc motor is higher than the brushless dc motor at low speed. If can choose to speed the higher the motor, the economy is better, but if this caused by the motor and the speed difference between being dragged machinery is too large, the required to furnish the reduction gear drive series, the more it will increase the cost of equipment and the energy loss in the transmission. Therefore, to selected through analysis and comparison to qualifications. We usually use the brushless dc motor is mostly use 4 pole 1500 r/min of brushless dc motor, because the rated speed of brushless dc motor adaptation scope is wide, and its power factor and work efficiency is high. The above content are according to the problems encountered in the actual work arrangement, for your reference, if there is any question, please timely communication with the brushless dc motor for customer service in the south of anhui, corrected. In this paper, from the 'China encyclopedia net'.
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