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High-power brushless motor controller, waterproof brushless motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-19

high-power brushless motor controller, waterproof brushless motor controller with the continuous development of brushless motor controller, a growing number of industries and customers are trying to use the brushless motor controller to replace the traditional motor controller or is on the other motor controller. But in some particular industry, as a result of the brushless motor controller itself development cycle is short, many parameters do not meet the corresponding requirements, such as high power, has the waterproof, high temperature resistance and so on special environment, now many domestic manufacturers of brushless motor controller is short, so will kill brushless motor controller and the possibility of application in more fields. Brushless motor controller as a brushless motor controller inside the industry independent research and development ability, the introduction of foreign technology manufacturers, in contact with different customers, collect customer demand information, according to customer's requirements and innovative research and development, brushless motor controller will be able to appear in more and more application scenarios. Now already successful application cases are: 1, below 30 kw high-power brushless motor controller, fill the blank of the brushless motor controller without power, makes the brushless motor controller can be used in heavy machinery. 2, waterproof brushless motor controller, protection grade up to IP68, to 2 m - underwater 10 m deep environment operation, and can operate in the water. Now a lot of users are looking for the ability to work underwater motor controller, waterproof series brushless motor controller would be the perfect realization of underwater operation. 3, high temperature resistant brushless motor controller, the use of special high temperature resistant and low temperature resistant material, can let the brushless motor controller using the environment temperature in - 40 ° to 60 ° ﹢, can be used in an environment of more brushless motor controller. Of course, there are many application scenarios brushless motor controller is temporarily no application or involved, but believe that in the process of expansion of the brushless motor controller, will gradually replace and out past the high energy consumption, the low performance of the motor controller products.
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