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High efficiency good helper brushless dc motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-08-05
The stator winding of the motor to make more balanced three-phase y connection, with three phase asynchronous motor is very similar. Nearly 30 years study of asynchronous motor frequency control of motor speed, in the final analysis is looking for a way to control the asynchronous motor torque, brushless dc motor is bound to its wide speed range, small volume, high efficiency and steady speed and small error characteristics appeared in the field of speed advantage. For brushless dc motor controller has the characteristics of a dc motor controller, as well as the frequency change device, so also known as dc frequency conversion, the international general term for BLDC. Motors

the brushless motor controller running efficiency and precision of low speed torque and rotational speed is more good than any of the control technology of inverter, so the industry concern. Brushless motor controller in the development of our time is short, but as the technology increasingly mature and perfect got rapid development. Has been in business equipment, medical equipment, household appliances, electric tools, automobile and other fields is widely used.

in recent years, the brushless motor controller has been a power rapid development in electronics products. Because of production and price, over the past few years brushless motor controller is used in the high electric, now due to the rapid development of machining technology, brushless motor controller of lower production costs a lot of, it is to enter all aspects in the field of electrical appliances, from hair curler to auto parts, everywhere.

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