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Have motor controller is a traditional product, brushless motor controller is to upgrade the product, the difference between here

by:Hoprio     2020-07-21

there are motor controller is a traditional product, the performance is stable. Brushless motor controller is to upgrade the product, the live performance is better than a brush motor controller. But the control circuit is more complex, the aging of the components of screening more strict. Because both are different in terms of structure, principle and so on, so both on the run, the application on industry, service life, energy saving, performance is a big difference, etc. According to the difference between the two explain for everybody below 1, a brush motor controller controller, coil and the commutator rotating, magnetic steel and carbon brush don't turn, is the direction of the coil current changes along with the rotation of motor controller phase switcher and brush. 2, brushless dc motor controller is composed of main body of the motor and drive, is a typical mechatronics product. Because of the brushless motor controller is self-control type operation, so don't like frequency control of motor speed under overload start synchronous motor controller as plus startup winding on the rotor, also won't generate oscillation and step out when load mutation. 3, brushless motor controller can be used in: the dairy industry, brewing industry, meat processing industry equipment, bean products processing industry equipment, beverage processing industry equipment, automatic transmission industry, pharmaceutical industry equipment, some higher requirements, such as precision electronics factory dust-free workshop or medical devices. 4, a brush motor controller can only apply to such as all kinds of bathroom area of requirements is not high, as dust-free workshop and explosion-proof workshop will not be able to use. 5, service life, brushless motor controller can work continuously for 20000 hours or so, the service life of conventional 7 - For 10 years. A brush motor controller: can work continuously for 5000 hours or so, the service life of the conventional 2 - For three years. 6, energy saving, relative to character, brushless motor controller of the power consumption is only have 1/3 of the motor controller. Through a motor controller and the brushless motor controller is the comparison of difference between, can understand the relative to the brushless motor controller has the advantage of motor controller where, is so there is a trend that theory: the brushless motor controller may replace a brush motor controller is widely used in all walks of life. But have a low speed torque motor controller performance, such as large torque characteristics is the brushless motor controller can not be replaced, but in the context of use and ease of brushless motor controller, with the decline in the cost of brushless controller and brushless technology development and market competition both at home and abroad, it also greatly promote the development of the domestic brushless motor controller. Mechanical and electrical is moving toward this direction to develop more market advantages of brushless motor controller products. Mechanical and electrical - - - Professional research and development, production and sales in brushless motor controller, welcome to focus on the mechanical and electrical, WWW. tcmotor。 Com, service hotline 13326768788 hole technology
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