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Hair dryer for high speed brushless dc motor released!

by:Hoprio     2020-08-07
In life, hair dryer in addition to blow a hair, or home care good helper, using properly on the shoulder and neck pain. Neck stiffness, scapulohumeral periarthritis, and greedy cool summer often causes shoulder neck pain has good auxiliary therapeutic effect. Hair dryer USES of diversity, the function and safety requirements are more strict. At the same time, the hair dryer power is very high, up to 1000 w, than such as air conditioning all electrical power consumption, energy saving is the key object.

although there are many kinds of hair dryer, the same, but the structure is composed of shell, handle, electric motors, wind leaf, electric heating element, wind deflector, switches, power cords, etc. Motor is installed inside the shell, blades installed on the shaft end of the motor. When the motor rotating inhaled air inlets, the wind out from the outlet. Motor controller with high speed hair dryer for brushless dc motor controller, low electromagnetic interference, high efficiency and energy saving. The typical parameters as follows, can choose the corresponding according to the size of the hair dryer brushless motor controller.

Model models

Voltage Voltage ( V)

NoLoad idling

Rated Load Rated Load

Starting Starting

Operating Range


Speed ( rpm)

电流( A)

Torque ( mNm)

速度( rpm)

电流( A)

P输出。 ( W)

Torque ( mNm)

电流( A)


8- 26



0. 483

24. 000


3. 727

56. 587

344. 538

47. 051年


8 - 26



0. 287

18. 000


1. 295

31. 527

94. 019

5. 553


8- 26



0. 381

17. 069


1. 740

25. 794

80. 854

6. 827

actually choose which a brushless motor controller, need according to the wind leaf measured load. So if you have any hair dryer tell brushless motor needs, please provide the blade test load. Thank you for the support of our work!
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