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For clients of non-standard custom brushless dc motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-08-02
Non-standard customized for clients brushless dc motor controller is a customer in Shanghai yesterday, with a size drawing of the brushless dc motor controller, hurriedly looking for us, we need to make this type of motor controller for him. This size chart as it is our motor controller, he need to change a lot on it, to match his installation requirements. The customer said to find a few big factory, but the delivery date is very long, change also don't cooperate, this cannot be changed, that cannot be changed, perhaps because the quantity is little, many factories are not willing to meet him this is non-standard products. Industry, after all, it is very big, the motor controller is the most basic of industrial products, the type many, many varieties, the customer's demand is very diversiform, have a certain market share of companies are carrying customers do, want to do high profits, the batch is big, good product. And some non-standard difficult motor controller, motor controller for some power smaller companies do, you may be like this. Unless the customer to the motor controller products have inventory, otherwise, all want to wait. Some motor controller products customized wait half a month, or even a month or two. This customer to brushless dc motor controller, non-standard, and hard to do, again nasty, also only one, many manufacturers are shun, don't want to get the list. And the customer is near to us, half an hour drive there, we also not refuse, such as this single production had a great influence on the original production line, all sorts of machine tool change data, arrange workers, material preparation, etc. , have dominated the production resources. Due to the customer's requirements, we will arrange the two special teacher, night work overtime, the basic good accessories manufacturing, inform the customer, 3 days is made he needs. But the workers work overtime expenses by him. Customer: thank you very much, and we are willing to emergency rushed for him already very satisfactory, fees need not dispute, it can be seen that the customer or pretty generous, later products quantity, will give us to do.
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