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Food processing with brushless dc motor controller is a good choice

by:Hoprio     2020-07-15

food processing with brushless dc motor controller is a good choice for brushless dc motor controller is to direct current (dc) motor can be converted into mechanical energy. Brushless dc motor controller because of its good startup characteristic and regulating performance and is widely used in food processing, and brushless dc motor controller relative to communicate more energy conservation and environmental protection. Although ac motor controller is simple in structure, manufacture cheap, has been widely used in industry and agriculture, transportation and other fields, but it at startup, speed regulating sexual is poor. Brushless dc motor controller in service life, the anti-interference ability is better than that of the ac motor controller and a brush dc motor controller. Engaged in the food processing factory friend is very clear. In place of a predominantly mechanical transmission, if the device from the natural noise is very annoying thing. Although previous food processing machinery used to a lot of transmission type three-phase asynchronous motor controller, but the noise is too big, and efficiency is low, power consumption is big. Therefore, the emergence of the brushless motor controller can reduce the unnecessary noise transmission equipment, also food processors a low db environment. According to the electromechanical hemisphere method is used to decorate the test point method to test the noise of the brushless motor controller, the lowest noise brushless motor controller when 37. 8 the db, so food processing with brushless dc motor controller is a good choice. www。 tcmotor。 Com brand brushless motor controller manufacturers
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