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Flat inner rotor brushless dc motor, fan products dedicated

by:Hoprio     2020-08-07
Motor controller, there are three flat brushless dc motor, including two for outer substructure: B6020S and B6030S, for the same series, motor controller height is different, also the power and torque difference; Another for B8035M, is extraordinarily substructure, the new fan for the motor controller brushless dc motor, a new structure, higher degree of protection.

with the inner rotor brushless motor controller B8035M, fan motor in order to solve the air purifier is waterproof. Although encapsulation motor controller with high waterproof and relative unit price is very high also, but now is not suitable for the popularity of household type air purifier products; And our company is the original exterior rotor brushless motor controller series, the PCB is installed outside, although also can be used in air purifier, but need to do another end cover processing, increase the working procedure and cost. To this end, our company specially introduces B8035M inner rotor flat brushless motor controller, closely cooperate with upper and lower end cover, completely can be competent for air purifier products using the environment, and has high cost performance, is a very suitable for brushless motor controller to purify a product.

the basic performance characteristics of the brushless motor controller: outer diameter of 80 mm, the thickness of the 35 mm, 10 - 50 w power range, speed and positive &negative, signal feedback and protection function. Welcome to come to consult: 400 - 0755 - 631.
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