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Enforce the 7 s standard motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-08-06
For any formal enterprise quality system certification are indispensable. To get the quality system certification, is just a beginning, only from the beginning since comply with standard quality system standard to end according to truly become a qualified enterprises. Strong executive ability is the guarantee of motor controller to perform quality system certification.

2 PM every week, make regular checks on the 7 s, led by a few, such as administrative department supervisor, check all working areas, in the process of checking will photograph found that the problem of local records. Next Monday, the relevant points and the last issue to improve the tracking email will be sent to each colleague hand, the check points with pictures and text description and posted, please all related departments timely follow up improvement. Responsibility to ensure that each problem, specific to the people, it will be faster.

powerful management and execution, is to ensure that the company has a good operation environment. Clean production workshop, staff full of spirit, is a mirror of the company, is the strength of the strongest images show co. , LTD.
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