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Electromechanical about present situation and future trends of brushless dc motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-20

brushless dc motor controller is a motor controller industry the 'new man', into the country's history is not long, because of the need to match the drive to use, so the price more high motor controller, but due to the obvious advantages, brushless motor controller rapid development momentum. After entering China, soon be favoured industries such as cars, ships and machinery, and a place in the various industries, the rapid development. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, since 2010, the brushless motor controller industry revenues in successive years increases, 2016 in 189. 200 million yuan, rose 22. 3%. Mechanical and electrical equipment co. , LTD. Is responsible for we talk now present situation and future trend of brushless dc motor controller. With the improvement of people's living standard and the development of modern production, office automation, household appliances, industrial robots and other equipment are increasingly tend to be efficient, miniaturization and high intelligence. As an important part of actuators, brushless dc motor controller with high precision, high speed, high efficiency, etc, so the application of brushless dc motor controller to grow rapidly. At this stage, though various types of ac motor and dc motor in the drive application dominate, but brushless dc motor controller is being widely attention. In the next few years, China's market prospect is quite optimistic of the brushless dc motor controller. Brushless dc motor controller is the future trend of the first, the size of the market to further expand brushless dc motor controller. Because of brushless motor controller had a better motor controller price is high, the belt drive brings to the enterprise of large-scale application of high cost, making a lot of businesses, would rather use a brush motor controller products as an alternative, so the potential demand of the brushless motor controller is still not fully release, there is still plenty of space for development. , according to foresight is expected in the next five years, the industry growth rate will remain at around 20%, to 2022, the industry market scale will reach 56. 5 billion yuan. Second, the brushless dc motor controller fierce competition level will be improved. Now do brushless motor controller of the enterprise is more, but reached a certain scale of enterprise is still in the minority, according to the National Bureau of Statistics data show that in 2016 China industrial enterprises above designated size brushless motor controller only 118 or so. But as the brushless motor controller industry prospect, the future is expected to enter the field more motor controller enterprise, thus intensifying competition in the market. Third, the brushless dc motor controller technology level improved steadily. In the brushless motor controller industry, technical level determines the company's products market development ability. Brushless motor controller technology is relatively complex, especially in the area of the control system of brushless motor controller, how to transform inductive into non-inductive or weak magnetic brushless motor controller is technically more difficult to solve the problem. And, at the high end of the brushless motor controller products, the core chip technology is still hold by abroad, our country still rely on imports. So, increase investment in research and development, improve the level of technology, electrical and mechanical research and development for the future development of brushless motor controller is a top priority. Fourth, the integration and diversification development degree increase. Application and further promote the brushless dc motor controller in the field of product technology level, industry technical strength strong enterprises continuously develop new products, to promote the application of the product, application industry diversification is advancing step by step. In the integration of the above, because the products subject to the upstream industry, industry integration will is very strong, but is limited by the size of the individual firm, is still relatively low level of integration. Electromechanical in understanding the current situation of the brushless dc motor controller on the basis of the trend analysis of the future trends are fully, thus to develop a comprehensive development plan, the enterprise's goal is to provide electrical and mechanical market can not only meet the demand of equipment use and market innovation unique high-end brushless dc motor controller products. http://www can focus on brushless motor controller production enterprises. tcmotor。 com
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