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Drive 5 kg object, how to choose the brushless motor controller?

by:Hoprio     2020-07-15

drive 5 kg object, how to choose the brushless motor controller? Mechanical and electrical equipment co. , LTD. Is specialized in sales of various models of power brushless motor controller, in daily work, the customer usually ask for example 'device to drive the 5 kg, asked to choose more high power type of brushless motor controller? Before answering this question, we first to get to know the NM this definition, to know what is called torque, torque, arm, when the rotational torque brushless dc motor controller is a pivot turn around, and drive object is around an axis or a fulcrum, let the object rotational force, called the moment, and the force of motor controller is rotating, so is the rotational torque, also known as torque. For example we when using a wrench tightened nut, we need to hand a direction, we go out in one direction, force is the moment, this moment is nut rotation to be tightened. Brushless motor controller of the rotation of the shaft, drive object to a direction of force is the torque force. The torque of the unit is Newton meters ( Nm) 。 Can be seen from the Nm this unit, torque force is multiplied by the arm, because G = mg, when G = 9. 8, 1 kg of gravity is 9. 8 n, 1 kgm = 9。 8Nm。 Back to the customer's problem: to drive a 5 kg object, how to choose the brushless motor controller? According to the formula: X = weight torque arm, know that the weight is 5 kg, is 5 * 9. 8 = 49 n, we need to know the size of the lever can calculate the magnitude of torque. So what is the arm? Fulcrum to power distance is the lever. Want to know the size of the arm, will ask the customer is the kind of the rotation of the way? Because of the different mechanical equipment used in the design of the rotation of the way there are many kinds of circumstances, if it is above this way: torque = ( The efficiency of the flywheel / 375) X( Speed/time) The required power = 1. 027 * * torque speed according to the customer's information, for the rotation of the above calculation, we can reasonably choose suitable for the customer the brushless motor controller. But it is important to note that if the calculated for 120 watts, so we should for the customer to choose 150 w brushless dc motor controller, because we also need to have a redundant set aside for actual situation of power. When the situation is complicated, when there is an extreme case, redundant power can protect the motor controller at the same time, also don't delay customer's equipment work. This is our choice of a motor controller need to be aware of the principle. You also must pay attention to the oh!
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