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Discuss the preventive measures of dc motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-08-02
Burned is dc motor controller is used when a failure. Once appear this kind of fault, the result of the dc motor controller face scrap, the serious influence to our use. So be prevention measures, small make up to introduce below. 1. A lubricating oil should be replaced periodically, and if there is leakage phenomenon, should check the sealing parts, and replace has worn oil seal. 2. Overload operation, to prevent motor controller workload and maintain its normal ventilation cooling, don't let it run for a long time in the overload overheating. 3. In the process of production according to the nature of the material to be delivered properly cleaned to ensure the cleanliness of the parts. 4. On a regular basis to repair parts operation. The above is a dc motor controller preventive measures.
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