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Detailed description of supply Taiwan TROY TROY drive controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-24
Supply Taiwan TROY TROY drive controller detailed description:

TROY motor DC brushless motor, Taiwan agent TROY - DC brushless motor, motor series of SBS.

6 b040p - of the motor 2 TR22- 2 discount cash supply Taiwan series two phase/five phase stepper motor drives, can drive the Japanese/sanyo/east sichuan brands such as various models of stepper motor. 20 w, 40 w, 60 w, 90 w - Taiwan motor UBS series TROY Taiwan 250 ~ 2000 PRM stepper motor drives two phase stepper motor driver TROY drive Taiwan two-phase stepper motor drive product model: five phase TR514 TR515. Two phase TR21. TR22 brands: country of origin: Taiwan. 。 。 Using constant current drive mode, the pentagon can match the labels two phase, five phase stepper motor. Speed setting way: by external speed setting ( Variable resistor 20 k & Omega; ) Dc voltage control ( DC0 ~ 5 v / 100 ma) Input signal, the optical coupler input interface way stop/start input, braking, forward/reverse input, abnormal warning lifted input and output signals: adopt transistors open collector circuit output speed signal output interface way, abnormal alarm output function: the input/output signal contact, can be directly connected to the PLC; 250 - 2000 RPM speed range, the motor in the rated torque output; Be momentarily brake, is/reverse, natural to stop, slow slow start/stop function; The brake stops electromagnetic keep role; Motor overload/through/over voltage machine, metal processing machine, electronic machinery, food machinery, printing machinery, woodworking machinery, paper, plastics machinery, chemical machinery, rubber machinery, shoe-making machinery, bag making machinery, textile machinery, machinery, vehicle detection equipment machinery, packaging machinery and other various types of automated machinery.
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