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Dc motor speed controller is decided by what factors

by:Hoprio     2020-07-29
Dc motor speed controller is a factor inspection efficiency, in be used actually general how many factors such as the size of the cable diameter, coil affects his speed, we came to know about the below. It is speed calculating formula for n = ( U - RI) /Ceφ。 The U - - The armature voltage; R - - The armature loop resistance; 我- - - - - - - Armature current; φ- - Main motor air gap flux; Ce- - Constant. So the factors affecting the rotational speed of motor controller with armature resistance R, air gap magnetic flux phi and count the voltage. Another way of speed regulation of dc motor controller can regulate the armature resistance and adjusting excitation current and regulate the armature voltage 3 kinds. Wire diameter and thickness influence the resistance of the coil, generally, the greater the resistance it speed the less; Number of turns of the effect on motor controller of magnetic flux, so the increase or decrease the number of turns to change speed. Through the above said, you are factors influencing the speed of dc motor controller is understanding.
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