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Dc motor controller when using need to pay attention to details

by:Hoprio     2020-07-27
In order to guarantee the use effect of dc motor controller, not only need to master the correct operation method, also need to pay attention to some details. Below small make up to you to introduce the use of dc motor controller in detail. 1. If no special request, under the rated voltage using dc motor controller cannot meet the system for the operation, otherwise it will lead to permanent magnet demagnetization. If there is a requirement in this way, in order to use the safe, need to add current limiting resistor, prevent excessive current. 2. Because of excessive current, temperature and magnetic circuit open circuit when disassembling deng factors can lead to permanent magnet dc motor controller demagnetization, so when the dismantling of the magnetic circuit of permanent magnet magnetic short circuit protection, avoid a magnetization. 3. When change the brush, electric carbon dust around to clean up, and use of alcohol, gasoline cleaning commutator. When using the new brush at the same time, must carry on the light. Above is the use of dc motor controller details about it, we can draw lessons from it.
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