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Dc motor controller wear reasons of turbine

by:Hoprio     2020-07-26
Everyone to understand all the effect of dc motor controller. Its use effect and can produce a direct current is a relationship, it has a very important part, can promote the operational efficiency of the equipment, is the turbine. But with long time will find dc motor controller of the turbine has certain wear and tear. Let's say the turbine dc motor controller. During normal operation, the worm like a hard 'file', constantly filing worm gear, resulting in worm gear wear and tear. In general, the wear and tear slowly, general worm can use more than 10 years. Wear faster if happen, you will need to consider the worm gear selection is correct, is there any overload operation, the material of worm gear and worm, etc. Lubricating oil when installation not soak your gear, then lead to insufficient lubrication, dc motor controller worm gear wear faster, so request to avoid this problem when installation. Above is dc motor controller of the turbine is introduced, hope to help everyone.
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