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Dc motor controller to enhance the efficiency of work

by:Hoprio     2020-07-25
Dc motor controller is applied to all walks of life, how to improve the work efficiency in the process of use? Below small make up to introduce several commonly used methods. 1. Reduce the copper loss and iron loss, increase the size of the dc motor controller. Such as in the case of constant voltage and load, reduce each slot number of turns, and increase the wire diameter or and root number. 2. If there is a brush motor controller, by changing the commutator, the copper commutator into carbon commutator to improve work efficiency. 3. If it is a brushless motor controller, on the rotor, selects the high performance permanent magnetism materials to improve the work efficiency. 4. Adjust the control circuit, ensure the counter electromotive force at run time too zero zero phase current and phase coincidence reach the ideal state, the torque ripple smaller, more efficient motor controller. Dc motor controller is used to improve the work efficiency of above methods.
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