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Dc motor controller to deal with

by:Hoprio     2020-07-29
Dc motor controller belong to the direct current (dc) can be converted into mechanical energy of the motor, generally applied in the production processing. But in the working process of the equipment could be some fault phenomenon, then the need for repair work. Below small make up and everyone said once several kinds of dc motor controller maintenance method. 1. The resistance of the resistance method: using the multimeter, measure on line, contact, etc. 2. Voltage method: using the multimeter corresponding voltage, measure voltage in the circuit. 3. Current method: through the comparison between the current in a circuit in the normal, to determine the cause of the problem. 4. Alternative method: when the suspect a device is faulty, but not sure, and there are alternative parts, so can use replacement test, whether the fault recovery. Above is dc motor controller fault handling ways, hope to help everyone.
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