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Dc motor controller to avoid jam

by:Hoprio     2020-07-27
Due to frequent clogging impurities dc motor controller, can cause components such as dc motor controller mouth ring wear, and spend a lot of manpower. So we need to take the following measures to avoid dc motor controller is blocked. 1. Ensure the safety of the key equipment operation. According to a certain proportion to catalyst injection, and the injection time is not more than 15 rain stopped, avoid the melt viscosity decreased, the decrease of the quality of the products, etc. , so as to ensure the smooth running of dc motor controller. 2. To change regularly lubricating oil and wear parts. Dc motor controller sports a worm, worm gear, slider, set the new piston. If these parts wear to cause a decline in the flow of dc motor controller, so have to be replaced periodically for lubricant, wear parts, as well as to the hydraulic chamber cleaning on a regular basis. 3. Comply with operation procedures. Whether to start or stop will be made according to application requirements. Above is the measures to prevent dc motor controller is blocked, you know?
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