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Dc motor controller to avoid jam

by:Hoprio     2020-07-27
Controller for dc motor, frequent clogging problem, at the beginning of the run by each block will clear the way. Although this avoids the shutdown, but often remove the dc motor controller, easy to wear of the parts of it, and each time the air cost is more human. Therefore, we should take some method to avoid dc motor controller is blocked. 1. On the premise of ensure the safe operation of the key equipment, according to certain proportion into the catalyst, and the injection time is not more than 15 rain stopped, lest make the melt viscosity decreased, the decrease of the quality of the product. Still need to take some guarantee measures, to ensure the stability operation of dc motor controller. 2. Of lubricating oil and wear parts replaced periodically, because these parts will let the motor controller reducing flux quantity or not at all. 3. Strict operational procedures, both start and stop shall be in accordance with the requirements to operate. 4. To strengthen the maintenance of motor controller, the operation of dc motor controller for inspection on a regular basis. The above is to avoid congestion, the method of dc motor controller hope to help everyone.
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